Harvard study: Gum disease associated with higher cancer risk

Harvard study: Gum disease associated with higher cancer risk


In today's health-conscious society, the significance of oral health is increasingly acknowledged as a pivotal factor influencing overall well-being. A particular condition garnering attention is periodontitis, a bacterial infection that wreaks havoc on soft tissues and bones supporting teeth, leading to severe tooth loss.

The ramifications of unchecked periodontal disease extend beyond the mouth, with bacteria infiltrating the body and triggering inflammation. This systemic inflammation compromises the immune system and is linked to a multitude of health issues, including a startling connection to cancer.

Recent studies underscore the alarming association between persistent periodontal disease and an elevated risk of various cancers, painting a concerning picture for those affected:

  • A 30% increased risk of leukemia and blood-related cancers.
  • A 33% increase in the likelihood of lung cancer.
  • A 43% higher risk of esophageal cancer.
  • A 50% increased risk of kidney cancer.
  • A 52% higher chance of developing gastric (stomach) cancer.
  • A staggering 63% increased risk of prostate cancer.

These statistics, derived from comprehensive health studies, highlight an urgent need for effective oral health solutions.

Revolutionary Oral Care Now in the U.S.

Unitein Gum Restore Toothpaste: a pioneering oral care product from Korea, now making waves in the U.S. market since its introduction in early 2023. This innovative toothpaste stands out with its unique formula designed to combat periodontitis and promote gum cell repair, heralding a new era in oral health care.

Testimonials That Speak Volumes

Our customers' experiences are a testament to the effectiveness of Unitein Toothpaste.

One verified customer, Polo, shared a transformative experience on 12/1/2023: "Does what is says!  I had a dental crown lengthening procedure which required a gum resection about 5-6 weeks before this toothpaste arrived. The area was NOT healing on schedule, it was an inflamed, painful mess for weeks with no real progress. The very first time I used this toothpaste, I felt the area calm down. My periodontist had said to brush the area thoroughly to stimulate the gums to heal. I had been doing that, but every other toothpaste I tried, including the one recommended by the doctor, caused a horribly painful burning sensation in the diseased gum that would last for 20 mins or more after brushing. The pain was so bad, it would make my eyes water. On the other hand, this Unitein toothpaste only tingled upon first application, and then the sensation would slowly convert to a soothing feeling over the next 5-10 minutes. My gums got better and better with each passing day. I am very grateful to have found this toothpaste on Epoch Times and will continue to use it."

Figure 1 Unitein toothpaste Testimonials.

Another satisfied user, Amber, commented on its remarkable impact on gum recession on 12/2/2023: "Amazing product!  I have been fighting gum recession for 20 years. Since using this product even my worst recession spots are returning to optimal health, light pink gums and happy tissue. I'd recommend this to anyone struggling with recession and overall gum health. Double thumbs up!"

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Proven Survey Results

Further solidifying its efficacy, a comprehensive survey by Green Eastern in Hong Kong involving 463 participants revealed that 66% experienced reduced gum inflammation, while 52.4% noticed a significant decrease in gum recession after consistent use of Unitein Toothpaste for over a year.

Figure 1 Survey result showing 66% of participants reported reduced gum inflammation.
Figure 2 Survey result showing 66% of participants reported reduced gum inflammation.
Figure 2 Survey results showing 52.4% of participants reported reduced gum recession.
Figure 3 Survey results showing 52.4% of participants reported reduced gum recession.

A Legacy of Excellence

Since its debut in Hong Kong in 2017, Unitein Toothpaste has risen to be a top-selling product. Boasting 99% natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals, it's a safe choice for all ages. The key ingredient, 'Unitein', developed by Dr. Kim Tae-yoon, is a patented marvel, proven effective against diseases related to abnormal cells and diabetes.

Figure 3 The inventor of Unitein receives 2017 Korean Women Inventor's Gold Award.
Figure 4 The inventor of Unitein, Dr. Lee Kyeong Hwa receives 2017 Korean Women Inventor's Gold Award.

Further enhancing its potency, Unitein incorporates a natural blend of Deep Sea Mineral (DSM) salts. This addition not only boosts Unitein's anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties but also strengthens overall oral health.

For optimal results, it is recommended that users allow the toothpaste to remain in their mouth for two to three minutes after brushing, followed by rinsing, to maximize absorption.

Unitein Toothpaste: Your Partner in Gum Health

Embrace the transformative power of Unitein Gum Restore Toothpaste for a revitalized smile. With its gentle yet effective healing properties, complemented by a natural formulation, this toothpaste is a pivotal addition to your daily oral hygiene. Witness the positive change in your gum health and become part of a growing community who have prioritized their oral well-being with Unitein.

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