Harvard Study Links Tooth Loss to Cognitive Decline

Harvard Study Links Tooth Loss to Cognitive Decline


Did you know that maintaining your oral health could be a key to safeguarding your cognitive function as you age?

In recent years, groundbreaking research has revealed a startling connection between oral health and cognitive function. Studies from prestigious institutions, including New York University and Harvard, have illuminated a concerning link: individuals with significant tooth loss are at an elevated risk of cognitive impairment and dementia. Specifically, NYU's research found that adults with more tooth loss had a 1.48 times higher risk of developing cognitive impairment and a 1.28 times higher risk of dementia [1]. Similarly, an analysis by Harvard highlighted that people with substantial tooth loss faced a 48% greater risk for cognitive impairment and a 28% higher risk for dementia [2].

The underlying reasons suggest that poor oral hygiene, leading to gum disease and tooth loss, could foster conditions conducive to cognitive decline. This alarming association underscores the critical importance of maintaining excellent oral health as a preventive measure against not only dental issues but also cognitive deterioration.

Responding to this urgent need, Green Eastern has introduced the revolutionary Korean Unitein Gum Restore Toothpaste to the U.S. market. Engineered to target periodontitis and facilitate gum cell repair, this innovative toothpaste has quickly garnered acclaim for its effectiveness and unique benefits.

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Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction

Verified customers have shared transformative experiences, attributing significant improvements in gum health and pain relief to Unitein toothpaste.

Name: Spence on 02/28/2024

Subject: Sore gums gone!

I’m a total fan of Unitein toothpaste. My dentist wanted to pull two teeth “immediately” two years ago. I still have my teeth and the tenderness/infection has ameliorated—almost to the point where I can chew again with those teeth!! Great product.

Name: Pam on 02/23/2024

Subject: I will Never Stop using this toothpaste

I cannot say enough good about my experience. After I stumbled upon an article about Unitein toothpaste I was very intrigued and placed an order. I purposely started using it 2 1/2 months before my next dental cleaning. I seem to have to be very diligent with my gum health (I always have some pockets between tooth and gum). I use it morning and night and after I brush I only spit out what’s in my mouth and do not rinse until 3 to 5 minutes later. If I brush in between morning and night I use my other toothpaste. Results… Drum Roll please…
Previous dentist appointment I had #5 pocket and #4 pocket that are now a #3 also I had two teeth with #3 pockets that are now gone! Need I say anymore.

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Scientifically Backed Results

A study conducted by Green Eastern in Hong Kong with 463 participants revealed striking benefits: 66% reported reduced gum inflammation, and over half experienced diminished gum recession after a year of using Unitein toothpaste. Such findings are supported by the product's innovative patented formulation, which includes Deep Sea Mineral (DSM) salts. These natural ingredients are celebrated for their anti-inflammatory and oral health-strengthening properties.

Figure 1 Survey result showing 66% of participants reported reduced gum inflammation.

Figure 1 Survey result showing 66% of participants reported reduced gum inflammation.

Figure 2 Survey results showing 52.4% of participants reported reduced gum recession.

Figure 2 Survey results showing 52.4% of participants reported reduced gum recession.

At the heart of Unitein Toothpaste is red ginseng extract, renowned for its healing and anticarcinogenic properties. A study conducted by the prestigious Handong University in Korea reveals the extract's exceptional ability to repair gene damage. Even at minimal concentrations, Unitein Toothpaste demonstrates an unparalleled efficacy, outperforming ordinary ginseng by a staggering 18 times in inhibiting DNA damage.

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Revolutionary Oral Care

Understanding the broader implications of oral bacteria on systemic health, including potential links to Alzheimer's disease, Unitein Gum Restore Toothpaste incorporates the patented “Unitein” compound and Sea Salt Extract to deliver potent anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory effects. For optimal efficacy, it is recommended to let the toothpaste linger in the mouth for a few minutes post-brushing to ensure maximum absorption of its beneficial properties.

In addition to leveraging the advanced formula of Unitein toothpaste, maintaining strong oral hygiene practices—such as regular flossing, twice-daily brushing, and routine dental check-ups—is indispensable. Harvard Health Publishing highlights these habits as essential defenses against gingivitis, reinforcing the importance of comprehensive oral care in safeguarding both dental and cognitive health.

Enhanced Cognitive and Oral Well-being

As the research increasingly links oral health with cognitive function, Unitein Gum Restore Toothpaste emerges as not just a pioneering oral care solution but a vital component in the pursuit of overall well-being. By choosing Unitein, you're not only investing in superior gum and tooth health but also in a proactive strategy to protect your cognitive vitality for years to come.

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