Effective Gum Restore Toothpaste

Restore sensitive and receding gums with all-natural ingredients. Made with two time award winning ingredients that are clinically proven to regenerate damaged gum cells by 37%.
  • Resist receding gums & sensitive teeth

  • Reduce bleeding, odor, plaque & inflammation

  • Restore gingival cells

  • Repair tooth decay and tooth loss


A Toothpaste that StrengthensRevivesRestoresRepairsProtects Gums

A Toothpaste that
StrengthensRevivesRestoresRepairsProtects Gums

Unlike other brands, Unitein attacks the fundamental causes of gum disease & Periodontitus before they get worse.

Repairs receding gums & Sensitive Teeth

Restores Gingival Gum Cells

Reduces Bleeding & Inflammed Gums

Protects Gum tissue and Nerves

Strengthens against Gum Recession

Made with All Natural Ingredients

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"This toothpaste really works!"

- Miriam
"After using numerous products over the years to keep my mouth healthy I finally found Unitein Gum Restore Toothpaste. 

Most products take a while to get any effect and then the effect weakens. This gum restore toothpaste is amazing! Gums felt better after the first use, the teeth get really clean and haven't had any bleeding or swelling of the gums. So glad I found this toothpaste."
"Most products take a while to get any effect. This gum restore toothpaste is amazing! Gums felt better after the first use, teeth get really clean and haven't had any bleeding or swelling of the gums. So glad I found this toothpaste."
Repair damaged gums with Unitein

Made with Award Winning Ingredients

All-Natural, bio-active, and fermented ingredients that deliver powerful results.
Mastic Gum

Mastic Gum

We use high-quality Mastic Gum imported from Greece. Known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory powers in oral health, it was once a precious spice in ancient Greece.
Unitein Ginseng root

Unitein (Red Ginseng)

The core raw material, Unitein, is manufactured by the company's unique R&D patented technology, which can effectively resist the Three Hypers.


This antibacterial sap from the myrrh tree was used in from ancient China to ancient Greece. It strengthens the immune system by purifying the blood.

Clincially Shown to Restore Damaged Gum Cells by 37%

Unitein is a 100% natural bioactive substance proven to restore damaged cells at a 37% DNA restoration rate# at full concentration and 14% DNA restoration rate with a 1000 times diluted solution (Figure 1).
Unitein is Clinically shown to restore damaged gum cells

Multi-Patented & Nationally Awarded 

Don't Take our Word for It,

Our Customers Say it Best!

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"This toothpaste is something else.."

- Sanaz
My gums feel healthier and softer after using it. It didn’t taste good at first but after few days I got used it and I’m happy that all ingredients are organic. 

This makes it completely different from all other toothpastes that I’ve ever used.
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"It heals bleeding gums!"

Sara A.
I never write reviews, but this changed my daughters life. She got braces and for 2 months, her gums dripped with blood. 

We did EVERYTHING the DDS and orthodontist told us too, but the blood kept oozing. We considered REMOVING her braces which would waste $8000! Out of desperation, I ordered this and [big sigh] IT WORKED!!! After a few days the bleeding slowed and for the last 3 months, she has perfect gums! I'm ordering another 3 tubes! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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I will Never Stop using this toothpaste

I can not say enough good about my experience. After I stumbled upon an article about Unitein toothpaste I was very intrigued and placed an order. I purposely started using it 2 1/2 months before my next dental cleaning. I seem to have to be very diligent with my gum health ( I always have some pockets between tooth and gum ). I use it morning and night and after I brush I only spit out what’s in my mouth and do not rinse until 3 to 5 minutes later. If I brush in between morning and night I use my other toothpaste. Results… Drum Roll please…
Previous dentist appointment I had #5 pocket and #4 pocket that are now a #3 also I had two teeth with #3 pockets that are now gone! Need I say anymore.


Clean mouth with no issues

Kaye Lewis
I like it!

Not sure yet how effective it will be. Will update you when I see a difference.

Kristine Groh

Too soon to tell


Good taste and hope it dose what the South Korea says.