1) How long does it take to see the results with UNITEIN toothpaste?

In most cases, you'll start noticing improvements after about a week of using the treatment. However since UNITEIN is bioactive, the time depends on how receptive your cells are to its properties.

On average, users report:
➡️ Sensitivity reduced in 1 week
➡️ Bleeding reduced in 2 weeks
➡️ Gum Damage improved in 5-8 weeks

Extensive scientific research and clinical trials conducted by Handong University in South Korea have validated the effectiveness of UNITEIN, demonstrating a remarkable 37% repair rate of damaged cell DNA. It's important to note that each individual's oral cell condition varies. As inflammation subsides and damaged gum cells undergo repair, overall oral health tends to improve. A triple patented formula: - Patent for bacillus Red Ginseng (10-0714408) - Patent for Bacillus Orthodox Red Ginseng (10-1070088) - Patent for novel protein with anti-cancer effect (10-1144471)

2) Can gums really regenerate with UNITEIN toothpaste?

Unitein is remarkable for its cellular repair capabilities, boasting a 37% increase in DNA damage repair. This is backed by patented scientific research & investigation conducted at Handong University in South Korea. Better yet, UNITEIN not only effectively repairs cells but is also proven to combat gum atrophy while fortifying gum health.

Complemented by other key ingredients, Unitein-based formulations excel in tartar and bad breath removal, alongside their efficacy in preventing gum disease and tooth decay.

Our Science is Verified & Triple Patented:
- Patent for Red Ginseng Bacillus (10-0714408)
- Patent for Bacillus orthodox red ginseng (10-1070088)
- Patent for novel protein with anti-disease effect (10-1144471)

3) What if I accidentally swallow UNITEIN toothpaste?

Since UNITEIN is made with 99% Natural Ingredients, there's no need to worry if you ingest a small amount.

4) Is UNITEIN toothpaste gluten free?

Yes! UNITEIN Toothpaste is gluten-free.

5) Is UNITEIN Toothpaste Vegan?

Yes, UNITEIN Toothpaste is vegan! UNITEIN exclusively utilizes plant-based ingredients, completely devoid of any animal-derived components or by-products.

7) Why doesn’t UNITEIN Toothpaste have foaming agents?

UNITEIN's ingredients work most effectively when in direct contact with tartar and plaque both above and below the gum line, rather than being dispersed in bubbles away from these areas. The truth is, foam does not enhance cleaning power and hinders UNITEIN's capacity to penetrate and dissolve tartar and plaque effectively.

8) Does UNITEIN Toothpaste contain any artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or colorants?

Unitein Toothpaste is made WITHOUT colorants, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners.

9) Why doesn't UNITEIN Toothpaste have Fluoride?

In a nutshell, UNITEIN serves to strengthen your body's natural defenses against bacteria, while Fluoride serves to replace your body's natural defenses.

Fluoride affects your tooth enamel by fortifying acid erosion & cavity formation. This erosion is commonly caused by the strong acids produced by bacteria residing in tarter and plaque. However, UNITEIN toothpaste's advanced formula negates the need for additional erosion resistance, since UNITEIN effectively eliminates tartar, plaque, and potent acids from teeth and gum pockets.

But Fluoride can disrupt the effectiveness of your saliva. Research suggests saliva serves as a natural defense against gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral infections with its antimicrobial properties. UNITEIN avoids using Fluoride that may disrupt your body's natural processes of fighting off bacteria.

10) Does Green Eastern offer refunds or returns?

We do! Please see our return policy for more information