Try out Products! 

Investing in new products can feel like a risky game of chance. That's why we created the Green Eastern showroom, to give customers an opportunity to try, feel, and love the product before they buy them. Don't be afraid to come visit today to try our creams, lotions, and teas!

Learn Asian Beauty Techniques

While remote learning may suit a lot of things, this isn't one of them. Only when you visit the Green Eastern Showroom can you learn insightful yet intuitive ways of asian skincare and healthy living. Whether it's how to use our products, or techniques to improve digestion, we at the Green Eastern Showroom have a wealth of techniques for you to explore. 

Get exclusive promotions

That's right, theres more to gain from visiting! exclusive in-person promotions are only available in store when you visit the Green Eastern Showroom. From VIP discounts to invite only events, benefits like these are only available when you come check us out!


See, Touch, Feel, Love  

So what are you waiting for? Come visit the Green Eastern Showroom today and explore what you've been missing out on!