What does oral health have to do with arthritis

What does oral health have to do with arthritis


As we navigate the golden years of life, the preservation of our basic abilities, such as the capacity to chew our food and walk with ease, becomes paramount to enjoying a comfortable and fulfilling life. Yet, an often-overlooked aspect of our health—the condition of our oral health—can have far-reaching consequences beyond just dental issues. Emerging research is drawing a compelling connection between periodontitis, a common gum disease, and arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (RA), conditions that can severely impair our mobility and quality of life.

Understanding the Connection

Osteoarthritis, characterized by joint inflammation, thinning cartilage, bone spurs, and reduced mobility, has traditionally been attributed to the wear and tear of aging. However, recent findings suggest a more complex picture, implicating dental pathogens—microbes commonly found in the mouth—in the progression of this disease. Dental decay and other oral health problems might not just be isolated issues but could be the underlying causes of osteoarthritis.

A groundbreaking study highlighted in a detailed video explanation by Dr. Eric Berg reveals that bacteria typically confined to the oral cavity have been discovered thriving in deteriorating joint tissues. This discovery points to a direct pathway through which oral health can influence the health of our joints.

Research Findings

A robust study, as discussed in scientific journal Nature, delves deeper into this association, investigating the role of oral health-related factors alongside hematological elements in predicting the onset of osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The results were revealing: periodontal disease emerged as a significant predictor of OA, surpassing other factors. Halitosis (bad breath) and female gender were also identified as important predictors. In the case of RA, periodontal diseases, xerostomia (dry mouth), and age were significant indicators [1].

The bi-directional relationship between periodontal diseases and arthritis introduces a complex interplay between oral inflammation and joint deterioration. Periodontitis triggers a systemic inflammatory response through the expression of inflammatory cytokines, which can reach the joints via the bloodstream. The presence of periodontal pathogens, such as Porphyromonas gingivalis (P. gingivalis), in both the periodontal tissue and the synovial fluid of OA patients underscores the microbial bridge linking oral health to joint inflammation and damage [2].

Both periodontitis and arthritis are mediated by proinflammatory cytokines, which are elevated in the affected areas. These cytokines exacerbate the inflammatory response and hinder the repair processes in cartilage and bone, contributing to the progression of arthritis [3].

In response to the critical link between oral health and overall well-being, Green Eastern has introduced the revolutionary Unitein Gum Restore Toothpaste to the American market. Designed with a focus on combatting periodontitis and promoting gum cell repair, this product stands out for its efficacy and unique formulation.

Figure 1 Unitein Toothpaste

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Evidence of Efficacy

A meticulous survey conducted by Green Eastern in Hong Kong with 463 participants underlines the toothpaste's benefits: 66% reported reduced gum inflammation, and 52.4% observed a notable decline in gum recession after regular use for over a year.

Figure 1 Survey result showing 66% of participants reported reduced gum inflammation.
Figure 2 Survey result showing 66% of participants reported reduced gum inflammation.
Figure 2 Survey results showing 52.4% of participants reported reduced gum recession.
Figure 3 Survey results showing 52.4% of participants reported reduced gum recession.

Customer Reviews

Miriam M. on 12/14/2023

Subject: This toothpaste really works!

After using numerous products over the years to keep my mouth healthy I finally found Unitein Gum Restore Toothpaste. Most products take a while to get any effect and then the effect weakens. This gum restore toothpaste is amazing!
Gums felt better after the first use, the teeth get really clean and haven't had any bleeding or swelling of the gums. So glad I found this toothpaste. A must for folks who have gum problems or want to keep a healthy mouth.

Amber on 12/02/2023

Subject: Amazing product

I have been fighting gum recession for 20 years. Since using this product even my worst recession spots are returning to optimal health, light pink gums and happy tissue. I'd recommend this to anyone struggling with recession and overall gum health. Double thumbs up!

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A Tradition of Innovation

Since its introduction in Hong Kong in 2017, Unitein Toothpaste has become a preferred choice. It boasts a formulation of 99% natural ingredients, ensuring its suitability for users of all ages. Central to its innovation is “Unitein,” a patented compound by Dr. Kim Tae-yoon, tailored to combat cell-related diseases and diabetes.

Figure 3 The inventor of Unitein receives 2017 Korean Women Inventor's Gold Award.
Figure 4 The inventor of Unitein, Dr. Lee Kyeong Hwa receives 2017 Korean Women Inventor's Gold Award.

 The inclusion of red ginseng extract, a component acclaimed for its healing and anti-cancer capabilities, underscores the toothpaste's restorative potential. The formula is enhanced with Deep Sea Mineral (DSM) salts, further bolstering its anti-inflammatory properties.

For best results, it is advised to keep the toothpaste in contact with the gums for two to three minutes post-brushing before rinsing, allowing for optimal absorption of its beneficial ingredients.

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Novel Approach in Addressing Abnormal Cells

The research behind Unitein introduces a novel perspective on abnormal cells in the human body, highlighting their dormant presence even in healthy individuals. Unlike traditional treatments such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery, which aim to eliminate abnormal cells, Unitein uniquely reverts these cells to a normal state. This dual action, regulating the immune system and preventing the growth of potential abnormal cells, is a key distinction of Unitein.

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Exceptional Genetic DNA Repair Capability

Research by Handong University in Korea focusing on "DNA Damage Inhibition" has underscored the remarkable effects of Unitein's red ginseng essence, developed by Kim Tae-yoon. Even at a very low concentration of 1/1000th, the essence showed a 14% recovery rate for genetic DNA damage, an efficacy 18 times greater than ordinary red ginseng.

This finding highlights Unitein's role in supporting cell regeneration. An experiment at the Unitein facility illustrated this vividly. Two trees were observed, one watered with wastewater from Unitein production. The tree treated with Unitein water developed thicker and broader leaves than its counterpart, visibly demonstrating the regenerative capabilities of the Unitein formula.

Figure 4 Unitein is known for its cell regeneration capabilities. The image depicts two neighboring trees. The one on the right, irrigated with wastewater from the Unitein production process, exhibits leaves significantly thicker and broader than those on the tree to its left. (Kim Yu/The Epoch Times)
Fig 5. Unitein is known for its cell regeneration capabilities. The image depicts two neighboring trees. The one on the right, irrigated with wastewater from the Unitein production process, exhibits leaves significantly thicker and broader than those on the tree to its left. (Kim Yu/The Epoch Times)

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A Milestone in Korean Health Food Patents

The creation of Unitein products leverages advanced Bacillus fermentation technology, a cornerstone of their health food series aimed at fortifying the immune system. Adhering to Korea's rigorous food safety and healthcare criteria, Unitein has secured three patents in health innovation, including a novel protein manufacturing method for transforming abnormal cells (Patent No.: 10-1144471), an innovative process for nine-times steaming and drying red ginseng (Patent No.: 10-0714408), and a unique technique of integrating Bacillus with red ginseng (Patent No.: 10-1070088).

Fig 6. Patent No.: 10-1144471
Fig 7. Patent No.: 10-0714408
Fig 8. Patent No.: 10-1070088


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The Takeaway: Prioritizing Oral Health

This emerging evidence underscores the critical need for diligent oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups, especially as we age. By taking proactive steps to maintain our oral health, we not only safeguard our smiles but also contribute to the overall health of our joints, potentially preventing or mitigating the severity of arthritis.

The link between periodontitis and arthritis is a stark reminder of the interconnectedness of our body's systems. As research continues to unravel the complexities of these associations, the message is clear: taking care of our oral health is an investment in our mobility, comfort, and quality of life in our later years.

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