• What is Oolong Tea?

    Lao ye oolong Tea's organic, handcrafted is awesome

  • Grown In Perfection

    Among the pristine Yu Shan mountains of Taiwan lands

  • The Art of Tea

    Oolong Tea was hailed as the king of teas in ancient China

  • Prepared Authentically

    Lao ye oolong Tea's organic, handcrafted is awesome

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Energize & Revive, Naturally

Did you know oolong tea stimulates fat burning and increases the number of calories your body burns by up to 3.4% ?

High in an amino acid called L-theanine, the tea leads to improved brain activity, better sleep quality, and reduced stress and anxiety.


Certified Organic* to the Highest degree

Only 1% of all teas grown in Taiwan are awarded with the Taiwan National Organic Recognition. Lao ye Oolong tea is grown with without pesticides and harmful chemicals, grown true to history.

  • What Makes Yu Shan Special?

    A delicate ecosystem preserved since antiquity

  • Tea Master Liu's farm

    See the tea farm in the mountain yourself

  • Grown Following Tradition

    Regarded as the most complex tea, it's no easy feat

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  • Immaculate taste, extraordinary flavor, had no idea tea could taste like this!

    Elsa & Anna, 62

  • This tea is something you can't find in US stores, amazing

    Spongebob Squarepants, 39

  • It's a gift set i got, so unique and beautiful!

    Jane Jin, 45

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Lets First make it clear

Making fine tea is not Easy

Most people think tea making is as simple as brewing it. In reality, fine tea is harder to prepare than fine wine, simply because tea leaves that age too long actually lose their flavor, hence black tea. Lao ye Oolong tea is prepared the way it's suppose to be.

Did you know? Black tea is actually made from leaves that've aged too long!

Brought to you by Tea Master Liu

Flavors only a tea master can create

Most Americans have never tasted true oolong tea. That's because preparing it is quite complicated, and requires an experienced tea master to bring out its rich flavors

An expert in his Craft, Master Liu comes from a long line of tea makers and farmers. He personally prepares each batch, fresh from his farm in the Yu Shan mountains

  • Authentically prepared

    A Liu family technique passed down from generations.

  • Meet your tea Maker

    Tea Master Liu continues his family's legacy of preserving real oolong tea

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  • Chá (Tea)

  • Dào (The Way)

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What is 茶道?

The words 茶道 (Pronounced Chá Dào) translates to The Art of Tea. It's a big protocol tells how to enjoy authentic tea, so you can be enriched with the benefits they talked about. The Ancient Chinese drank tea that was made following techniques by the Art of Tea.

  • The art of tea, retold

    From poems to stories, drinking tea became a symbol of the arts, philosophy, and wisdom

  • How to enjoy tea the right way

    The art of tea is a splender to be shared with all

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A Note from Tea Master Liu

"In many ways, the modern world has simplified our lives. But with it, goes authenticity. Modern factories today mass produce tea leaves sprayed with preservatives and chemicals. In truth, tea today is just a shadow of the past.

Green Eastern's mission is to revive traditional yet effective ways to heal the mind, body, and spirit. My family and I share the same wish, having farmed authentic tea for over 5 generations. We come together to preserve and share Tea's authentic form, in both taste and culture"

An Authentic Tea for an Authentic you