Tea master Liu Chongpei has danced with tea since childhood,

As a lifelong tea person, he has a surging passion for tea and an unquenchable ambition to develop a perfect and undefeated product that is suitable for the whole family to drink. Tea, let drinking tea become a healthy and virtuous circle. Therefore, since he engaged in the tea business, he has been researching and developing hojicha day and night.

Every time he improves and fails, he feels that the tea uses a unique way to talk to him, and let him know how to improve the hojicha. The most beautiful essence of tea is roasted and refined again and again, and it is the real art of tea.

Through continuous R&D and roasting, he finally found a perfect and undefeated organic Laoye tea. He believed from the bottom of his heart that this tea was a wisdom tea gifted by God, a natural tea that returned to organic laws, and a combination of the two masters. The heart-pounding tea is worthy of the heaven and earth. This tea brings together the essence of heaven, earth and people, so it is called Laoye tea.

Liu Chongpei has been playing with tea since he was a child. Perhaps it was the mountains full of mountains that emboldened him. However, despite the lack of funding, he had an unquenchable ambition. As a lifelong tea lover, he must research and develop A truly perfect and unbeatable tea, making tea drinking a healthy and virtuous cycle!
After ten years of making tea, "research on hojicha", how can we further improve it so that the most beautiful essence of tea can be roasted?(Provided by Laoye Liang)

The more you fall and the more pain you get, the deeper your persistence in tea will be.

His passion for tea made him courageous. Although the funds were not enough to support his full development, he went all out while growing slowly. His old mother's gentle words, "One day you will succeed!", for Liu Chongpei , but it is a majestic confidence encouragement. So what if you have no money to develop! So what if you are misunderstood! So what of the pressure of running at 3:30! So what of the helplessness of selling good tea at a low price in order to convert cash! At least his family understands him and supports him!

He always firmly believes that in the future, the Taiwan Tea Party will become an international highlight because of his efforts. Perhaps it is this foolish persistence that God gave him the wisdom to realize his dream.

Roast carefully and make good tea

Liu Chongpei said that the only two things that excite him the most in life are "going to the mountains to find tea" and "researching hojicha". In order to develop these two real skills, he invested both tangible and intangible assets, and found The two most difficult things of making good tea taste better were really accomplished under Liu Chongpei's persistence despite the pressure!

He said that tea is alive, and the more you put your heart into it, the more feedback it will give you. He has been going through this research and development process of tempering and refining for more than ten years! Every time he improved or failed, he felt that the tea was talking to him in a unique way, letting him know how to improve the roasted tea in order to roast the most beautiful essence of the tea.

Lao Ye Tea‧Undefeated Tea

To this day, he believes that this tea is in line with his undefeated heart, and he can finally meet his relatives and friends openly. He believes from the bottom of his heart that this tea is a wisdom tea gifted by God, a natural tea that returns to organic laws, and a perfect match between the two masters . The scale heart tea worthy of heaven and earth, this tea brings together the essence of heaven and earth people, so he confidently called it " Old Master Tea "!

The roasting process of the traditional "緷oolong tea" has been improved. It has been roasted repeatedly for more than a hundred times. The key to refinement and aging comes from Liu Chongpei's precise tempering.(Provided by Laoye Liang)

Jiu Oolong Tea‧Precious and refined

The process of repeated roasting and storage is called "緷". Laoye tea has improved the roasting process of traditional "熷 oolong tea". It has been roasted repeatedly for more than a hundred times, and the key to alcoholization comes from Liu Chongpei's precise tempering. When Liu Chongpei bakes it, After tea technology breaks through the time limit on tea aging, it will naturally allow tea lovers to drink precious tea with a taste and substance comparable to 30-year-old tea in the shortest time. This will be a major advancement for human tea drinking culture. To this end, Liu Chongpei devoted all his life without any regrets!

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