Keeping Root Canal-Treated Teeth Healthy: The Importance of Gum Care

Keeping Root Canal-Treated Teeth Healthy: The Importance of Gum Care


Root canal treatments are a common dental procedure designed to save a tooth that has been severely infected or damaged. According to "The Toxic Tooth," a book co-authored by Dr. Thomas E. Levy, root canal-treated teeth can pose ongoing health challenges. These teeth often remain a source of infection and can become focal points for pathogenic bacteria that spread throughout the body, potentially contributing to systemic diseases.

The Anatomy of a Root Canal

During a root canal procedure, the infected pulp tissue—which contains nerves and blood vessels—is removed to alleviate pain and prevent the spread of infection. This process allows the patient to retain the tooth in their mouth, maintaining its functional role in chewing and aesthetics. However, once the tooth's living tissue is removed, it effectively becomes a dead entity within the jawbone [1].

The Hidden Risks of Root Canal-Treated Teeth

A healthy tooth can usually defend itself against bacterial invasion through its intact immune response and a fluid flow that pushes bacteria outward. In contrast, a root canal-treated tooth lacks these natural defenses, making it a potential reservoir for bacteria and toxins. These bacteria are hidden from the body’s immune system and continuously release toxins into the bloodstream [2].

Critics of the procedure, like Dr. Hal Huggins, argue that keeping a dead tooth in the body is medically questionable, likening it to an infected implant that no orthopedic surgeon would ever consider placing in a bone.

The Critical Link Between Oral and Overall Health

Oral health is intrinsically linked to overall well-being. Gum inflammation, especially around root canal-treated teeth, can exacerbate the spread of infection and inflammation to other parts of the body. Managing gum health becomes not just about oral care but about maintaining systemic health.

Unitein Gum Restore Toothpaste

To address these concerns, Green Eastern has introduced the revolutionary Unitein Gum Restore Toothpaste to the American market. This innovative product is specifically formulated to combat gum inflammation and promote the repair of gum cells.

Figure 1 Unitein Toothpaste

By focusing on these critical areas, Unitein Gum Restore Toothpaste helps safeguard the health of not only the gums but also the entire oral cavity, providing a proactive solution for those with root canal-treated teeth to maintain their oral and overall health.

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Evidence of Efficacy

A meticulous survey conducted by Green Eastern in Hong Kong with 463 participants underlines the toothpaste's benefits: 66% reported reduced gum inflammation, and 52.4% observed a notable decline in gum recession after regular use for over a year.

Figure 1 Survey result showing 66% of participants reported reduced gum inflammation.
Figure 2 Survey result showing 66% of participants reported reduced gum inflammation.
Figure 2 Survey results showing 52.4% of participants reported reduced gum recession.
Figure 3 Survey results showing 52.4% of participants reported reduced gum recession.

Customer Reviews

Miriam M. on 12/14/2023

Subject: This toothpaste really works!

After using numerous products over the years to keep my mouth healthy I finally found Unitein Gum Restore Toothpaste. Most products take a while to get any effect and then the effect weakens. This gum restore toothpaste is amazing!

Gums felt better after the first use, the teeth get really clean and haven't had any bleeding or swelling of the gums. So glad I found this toothpaste. A must for folks who have gum problems or want to keep a healthy mouth.

Amber on 12/02/2023

Subject: Amazing product

I have been fighting gum recession for 20 years. Since using this product even my worst recession spots are returning to optimal health, light pink gums and happy tissue. I'd recommend this to anyone struggling with recession and overall gum health. Double thumbs up!

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A Tradition of Innovation

Since its introduction in Hong Kong in 2017, Unitein Toothpaste has become a preferred choice. It boasts a formulation of 99% natural ingredients, ensuring its suitability for users of all ages. Central to its innovation is “Unitein,” a patented compound by Dr. Kim Tae-yoon, tailored to combat cell-related diseases and diabetes.Figure 3 The inventor of Unitein receives 2017 Korean Women Inventor's Gold Award.

Figure 4 The inventor of Unitein, Dr. Lee Kyeong Hwa receives 2017 Korean Women Inventor's Gold Award.

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The inclusion of red ginseng extract, a component acclaimed for its healing and anti-cancer capabilities, underscores the toothpaste's restorative potential. The formula is enhanced with Deep Sea Mineral (DSM) salts, further bolstering its anti-inflammatory properties.

For best results, it is advised to keep the toothpaste in contact with the gums for two to three minutes post-brushing before rinsing, allowing for optimal absorption of its beneficial ingredients.

The Importance of Gum Care

While root canal treatments can save teeth, they also require diligent care and attention post-procedure to prevent potential health issues. Products like Unitein Gum Restore Toothpaste play a vital role in this ongoing care regimen, offering a targeted approach to managing oral health challenges effectively.

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