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Black Turmeric

Black Turmeric

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☆ Made in Bhutan

☆ Volume: 55g (110 capsules)


Black Turmeric, botanically classified as Cucurma caesia, is a rare turmeric species belonging to the Zingiberaceae family.

  1. Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties: The paste of black turmeric is believed to have antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it beneficial for skin health and wound healing
  2. Digestive Health: It is ingested to soothe an upset stomach and relieve digestive issues
  3. Immune Booster: A few drops of the mixture can be ingested as an immune booster
  4. Nutritional Supplement: Black turmeric can act as a nutritional supplement and is favored among health-conscious individuals for smoothies and juices
  5. Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Properties: Black turmeric has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-ulcer properties, and it contains the highest concentrations of curcumin of any plant species
  6. Abnormal-Cell-Fighting Properties: It shows promising results against various types of abnormal cells, including breast, colon, skin, and rectal
  7. Skin Health: Black turmeric can improve skin health by reducing inflammation, promoting wound healing, and combating various skin issues


100% Black Turmeric (Curcuma caesia)

How to Use

Take one capsule daily

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Doug Berge

back pain has reduced upon waking, hopefully that continues...

Ray Markham
Black tumeric

Have not noticed any difference

Hi Ray, thanks for sharing your experience! The benefits of black turmeric will be shown internally so not on the surface of the skin. That means boosting your immune system, enhancing your digestion, supporting your liver health, Improved brain health, and some natural pain relief. Long term use leads to lasting benefits :)

Much more confidence and comfort

I’ve only been using Black Turmeric for three weeks. However, I am increasingly aware of the difference it is making in general within several areas of my 89 year old body.

Greg Herschell
Not yet

Haven’t started yet so can’t tell you anything.

James Clark

Like strongly !!

Authorised US agent by Menjong Sorig

Our black turmeric grows in Bhutan and is extracted by Menjong Sorig, Bhutan’s only national pharmaceutical factory, which exemplifies the commitment to quality assurance, ensuring that consumers receive only the best.

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  • The ingredients are locally sourced, directly benefiting the individuals involved in collecting, growing, and supplying them.
  • We proudly partner with and support local women's groups in the production of this product, fostering community involvement and empowerment.
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