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Lao Ye Oolong Tea

Lao Ye Oolong Tea

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☆ Made in South Korea

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  • Loaded with Health Benefits

    Enjoy a tea that actually tastes like relaxation, with health benefits oolong tea brings.

  • Certified Organic by Taiwan

    Only through years of rigorous testing & monitoring by Taiwan can tea be certified organic. That's because Taiwan is the world's strictest.

  • No Chemicals Added, Ever

    Cultivated authentically without any pesticides, herbicides, or additives that are often infused with other teas.

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Crafted by Hand, Not by Machine

Lao Ye Oolong Tea is completely crafted by hand. Unlike most teas that are mishandled by machines, Tea developed by Tea master Liu receives the upmost care and preparation.

Tea Master Liu | 20 Years experience

A seasoned veteran with over 20 years of tea making experience, Tea Master Liu and his team delicately harvest and age your tea to perfection.


Grown Atop Taiwan's Highest Mountain

Yu Shan is the highest mountain in Taiwan and holds a sacred significance in Taiwan. Tea master Liu's farm is situated at 7200 feet above sea level, which along with the mountain's cool and misty climate, contributes to tea's unique flavor profile.

  • Years of Aging

  • Single Source Tea

  • Step Aging Process

  • Something

Harvesting on Nature's Time

They say you can't rush art. For tea harvesting, you can't rush nature. Only when the leaves are perfectly ripe does tea master Liu harvest. Only then can the perfect flavor of oolong tea be extracted.


Complete Aging of Leaves

Unlike regular teas, Lao Ye Oolong Tea is aged for the full duration oolong tea requires. Known as oxidation, tea leaves need up to a year for peak flavors to mature.


Roasted over Longan Wood

Oolong tea is specially roasted over Longan wood, a rare and complicated process that adds a smoky & nutty aroma to the flavor.

  • Immaculate taste, extraordinary flavor, had no idea tea could taste like this!

    Elsa & Anna, 62

  • This tea is something you can't find in US stores, amazing

    Spongebob Squarepants, 39

  • It's a gift set i got, so unique and beautiful! Perfect for Chinese New Year

    Jane Jin, 45

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